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“Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience”  Albert Einstein

About US

I+D+i Consulting is a highly qualified company situated in Granada, Spain with more than 10 years experience providing top-quality Legal, Financial and Administrative support to the Research Community or any other actors involved in R&D Projects.


Enabling Excellence in Research is our goal!


I+D+i Consulting deals with Grant-funded Research Projects and is primarily concerned with Legal and Financial Advice and Administration of Research Grants, in compliance with Funding terms and Conditions and Beneficiaries general Accounting Practices.


We ensure that the Beneficiary is compliant with the Terms and Conditions laid out in his participation in the Grant Agreement with other Funded Agencies.


Our mission is helping Researchers and Companies to find Funding opportunities and developing winning Proposals !


How do I get my Research Funded?


Please, visit sections "Last News" or" Category Searching " in the right side of this page to learn more about some of the many resources available to the different actors, mainly Researchers and Companies, including a calendar of funding and deadlines, maintained by I+D+i Consulting, which lists some upcoming funding opportunities or, if you prefer, contact us for a personalized searching plan.



Our Services

Identifying Funding Opportunities, Building applications and getting grants.


I+D+I Consulting identify the most appropriate funding programmes for your proposal and assist you to formalise the application, the budget and building and negotiate the project partnership. 


Managing funded projects 


I+D+i Consulting set up your project manager's performance indicators ensuring administrative and financial management and coordinating the partnership.


I+D+I Consulting train and guide your team and your partners to fulfill the reporting requirements.


I+D+i Consulting propose solutions to any problems encountered .


I+D+i Consulting handle with the Financial Reporting, providing post award support to Researchers in Managing Account Activity and Balances and submitting progress and final reports to the sponsor.


I+D+i Consulting deals with Communications with key people in Europe and Focal Points in Funded Agencies.


I+D+i Consulting organise the Project Communication Strategy and Dissemination of Results (a contractual obligation) and set up and run your Project Website. We help you to Spread News and Organise your Promotional Events.




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